Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Time

It's been a while yeah? After involve in architecture field I dont have much time to spend on my blog or even facebook. Damn tired! oh di manakah masa ku hilang? huhu 'spare' mata kat project and mengadap studio 24/ more social more fun..just work and I do realize that's what I'm looking for..a busy life without thinking too much on stupid things yang selalu mengganggu macam dulu-dulu. Once Fini dah masuk alam kolej @ university ni rasa2 nya banyak perubahan dah berlaku..kalo dulu nak enjoy, hati nak happy salu, baran, nak redah sume benda but now everything turns to be different by time. Yah, memang betol kalo awal2 dulu mcm x stabil and penat but lama2 I do enjoy it.

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